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At Aram The Cobbler, I specialize in sole conversions for all types of shoes. Whether you need a sturdy rubber sole for your hiking boots or prefer a classic leather sole for your dress shoes,

I can provide you with the perfect solution.

Red Wing Boots Sole Conversion

Red Wing Boot enthusiasts original cork soles replaced with the Vibram Gumlite Sole #810 and add a leather midsole. This upgrade will not only enhance the look of your boots but also provide better traction and shock absorption and your feet will thank you.

VASS Slipper II

Leather Soles & Heels

Ridgeway-Sole And Heel.jpeg2000


Ridgeway Soles and Heels

Ridgeway Sole And Heel.jpeg2000

From: Alden All Weather Walker.

Alden All Weather Walker.jpeg2000
To: Alden Flex Welt Sole
Alden Flex Welt Soles.jpeg2000
Alden Flex Welt Soles.jpeg2000
Alden Commando Sole Full conversion

Edward Green Boots Sole Conversion

Edward Green original Dainit soles replaced with the Vibram Sole 1757

Edward Green Boot.jpeg2000
Vibram 1757.jpeg2000

Alden 990 Plain Toe Blucher Oxford Color 8 Shell

Alden 990 Color 8 Cordovan
Alden Plain Toe Blucher Oxford 8 Shell.jpeg2000
Alden Commando Soles
Alden Plain Toe Blucher Oxford Color 8 Shell.jpeg2000

 Scarpa Fabiano mtn boot.

Vibram Soles
Vibram 100 Montagna Soles & Heels
Vibram 100 soles Scarpa Fabiano mtn.boot.jpeg2000
Alden-Indy Boot in green suede.jpeg2000

Alden Indy Boot green suede.

Alden Shank.jpeg2000
Alden Indy Boot in green suede..jpeg2000
Alden Indy Boot green suede.jpeg2000
Originally was an  Alden All Weather Walkers Soles & Heels

Shanks were replaced  with Fiberglass shanks and supported  w/ a leather pc.
Soles were replaced w/
Alden Goodyear Wedge outsole

Alden Indy Boot in green suede.jpeg2000

Tricker's Bourton

Tricker's Bourton color marron Derby Brogues.jpeg2000
Leather soles and Heels
Vibram 2021 Lightweight lifestyle soles
Tricker's Bourton_.jpeg2000
Alden Neo-Cork outsoles.jpeg2000

Alden Natural Chromexel Plain Toe Boot

Alden Work Boots Neo-Cork Outsole
Vibram 132 Montagna

Frye oxford

Frye oxford-.jpeg2000
Leather Soles & Combination Heels
Dainite Soles & Heels
Dainite Sole and Heels.jpeg2000
Alden Indy Work Boots Neo-Cork Outsole.jpeg2000

Alden Indy Work Boots

Alden Neo-Cork Outsole


Vibram 4014 Cristy Soles
Vibram 4014[eg2000
Alden Cape Cod-Before.jpeg2000

Alden Cape Cod

Leather Soles & Combination Heels
Alden Cape Cod After.jpeg2000
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