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What is your turnaround time?
  • Where are you based?
    Virginia. United States, Web Business
  • Can I customize an order?
    Yes, we offer Sole Conversions, please let us now what's your project. Take a picture of the shoes or the boots & text to Aram 240 483 2629
  • How Shipping works?
    Within12 hours upon check out I will issue a UPS shipping label. You will receve an E-mail fron UPS with instructions. Note: No shipping label issued on weekends & holidays Mor on how shipping works.
  • Insuring a package?
    UPS is a very reliable shipping company. But unfortunately, sometimes packages get damaged or lost that's why I would like to ensure your package for $500 round trip regardless of the number of pair of shoes. For an additional insurance, you can purchase upon check out up to $800 or $1,000 round trip. If interested to have them insured over 1K kindly let us know. We are only responsible for the amount each package is insured
  • Do you repair men and women's shoes?
    Yes, ( For women as long as they're goodyear welt or blake stitch shoes & boots) There's no price difference between the men and the women's. call or text Aram 240 483 2629
  • Cen I send my shoes for shine?
    Yes, If it is only for shoe shine preferably more than 3 pairs. Or Can be inculuded with the other pair of repair then can be one pair
  • Can I send my shoes for shoe repair?
    Yes, how shipping works Or Call or text Aram 240 483 2629 E-mail to request a UPS shipping label.
  • Can I bring my shoes in person?
    No, throough UPS or I offer pick up/drop off in DC metro area.
  • Do you dye shoes
    No, we do not dye shoes.
  • Do you repair all things on shoes
    Yes, when you are sending your shoes to be repaired (resoled, heel, protective sole, etc) let us know ahead of time what needs to be done extra. Please Note: after we received your shoes, upon inspection, there might be an additional charge.
  • What is your turnaround time
    After receiving your shoes 4-5 weeks for the regular shoe repair 4-6 weeks for the sole conversion 4-6 weeks for the closed channel hand stitched sole
  • Can you repair shoes with blake construction
  • Can you convert 270 welt to 360
    The answer is No, because there's not enough leather left to work on. There are some shoes that has 270 welt that looks like 360. I am able to attain that look by adding a new leather base & stitch them continuously. Convert 270 welt to 360
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