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Sunken Metal Toe Taps, the perfect solution for protecting your shoes from wear and tear. Made with durable metal, these toe taps are designed to prevent premature damage to the front of the toe your shoes. It is highly recommended to add the Sunken toe plate before starting to wear a new pair of shoes, as this will ensure they stay looking newer for longer. Not only do these metal toe taps add an extra layer of protection, but they also provide a sleek and polished look to your footwear. Don't let scuffs and scratches ruin your favorite pair of shoes - invest in our Sunken Metal Toe Taps to keep them in top condition.

Sunken Metal Toe Taps

  • We insure your package for $500 round trip regardless of the number of pair of shoes. For an  additional, you can purchase upon check out up to $800 or $1,000 round trip . If interested to have them insured over 1K kindly let us know.

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