The soles are the bottom part of the shoes or  boots that has a direct contact with the ground.  Soles are made from  different kinds of  materials that are dependable.

We carry soles from Alden, Joh. Rendenbach ( JR ), Vibram, Goodyear.

JR Sole.jpeg2000

JR Sole.

Alden Flex Welt Sole.jpeg2000


Flex Welt Sole.

Red Dainite sole.jpeg2000

Red Dainite sole.

Dainite sole.jpeg2000

Dainite sole.

Alden Natural plantation crepe Sole.jpeg2000


Natural plantation

crepe Sole.

Vibram Gumlite.jpeg2000

For Alden or other shoes Vibram Lightweight sole for dress and casual applications.

Alden Goodyear Wedge outsole.jpeg2000


Wedge sole.

Vibram 132.jpeg2000

Vibram 132 Montagne The sole that conquered

Mt. Everest remains the quality soling choice for rugged outdoor wear. Available in a one piece design.

Alden Casual Lug Rubber.jpeg2000

Alden Casual Lug Rubber.

VIBRAM SOLE 2870S.jpeg2000

Vibram 2870S

Alden Neo-Cork Sole.jpeg2000


Neo-Cork Sole.

Goodyear Commando.jpeg2000

Goodyear Commando

Forepart:17 ir. heel 10 ir.

We  use Alden materials only on Alden shoes

If you don't see your style of a sole please contact me @ 240 483 2629 or


Heel Lift is the part at the end of your heel that comes in contact with the ground. It can either be rubber, leather or a combination depending on the shoemaker's style.

We carry a variety of different heel lift.

We  use Alden materials only on Alden shoes

Alden Combination Heels.jpeg2000


Combination Heels

Alden Foot Balance Heel.jpeg2000


Foot Balance Heels

Alden Commando Heel.jpeg2000


Commando Heels

Alden Lug Rubber Heels.jpeg2000


Lug Rubber Heels

J. Rendenbach Dovetail Heels.jpeg2000

J. Rendenbach

Dovetail Heels

J. Rendenbach Classic Heels.jpeg2000

J. Rendenbach

Classic Heels

Alden Starburst Heels.jpg2000


Starburst Heels

Alden Natural plantation crepe Heel.jpeg2000

Alden Natural

Plantation Crepe Heels

Vibram cowboy heel.JPG


Cowboy Heels

Red Dainite Heel.jpeg2000

Red Dainite Heels

Dainite Heel.JPG

Dainite Heels

VIBRAM HEEL 5870S.jpeg2000

Vibram Heels

Goodyear Dress Lug Heel.jpeg2000

Goodyear Dress Lug Heel

Vibram Explosion Heels.jpeg2000


Explosion Heels

If you don't see your style of a heel please contact me @ 240 483 2629  or


Daily wear of the shoes doesn’t always need new soles, to bring the sole back to life. The tips of your shoe area that wears out the fastest from a normal wear can be protected by replacing the worn leather w/leather tips or by putting the sunken toe plates.

Alden After_edited.jpeg2000


Fitted leather tip

Sunken Toe Plate.jpeg2000

Sunken toe plate

Product image coming soon

Fitted leather tip

If you don't see your style of a toe please contact me @ 240 483 2629  or


Protective soles are  applied to extend the life of the soles and prevent from slippage.

We put them on top of the existing sole so that the sole guard is set into the sole.

We  use three different colors, in Black, Brown or Caramel.

Vibram Explosion Protective Sole.jpeg200

Vibram Explosion

Protective Sole

TOPY Caramel Protective Sole.jpeg2000

TOPY Caramel

Protective Sole

Vibram Black Protective Sole.jpeg2000

Vibram Black

Protective Sole

TOPY Brown Protective Sole.jpeg2000

TOPY Brown

Protective Sole

If you don't see your style of a Protector Sole please contact me @ 240 483 2629  or